Safety First!

Safety First!Safety First!Safety First!

Teaching safety and skills that can save your life.

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About Us

Dedicated Instructors

Our instructors are US Marines and Law Enforcement Officers that have the Knowledge, Skill, and Experience to meet all of your defensive needs.  We also have NRA instructors that can take care of your CCW permit.  Our staff is made up of 100% veterans with the understanding of what products best fit your mission/needs.  We are committed to getting you and your family the best instruction and products on the market.  Knockout Firearms has personal relationship with most of the manufactures in the Us and Canada.  

High-Quality Equipment

We only sale products that we have tested and use for our personal weapons.  We know how important your firearm choice is to you and that is why we test everything we sell. 

Our Motto

It is better to have it and not need it, then it is to need it and not have it.  Words to live by.  Lessons learned the hard way are the ones you will never forget.  


Concealed Carry Certification

NRA certified instructors on staff that make sure your CCW training is fun while increasing your safety, awareness, and confidence.

Home Defense

This is something that we hope you are never faced with but if you are we want to make sure you can defend your position with the skills to have a safe outcome for you and your family.

Refresher Course

Courses can be adjust to meet your needs to feel safe and confident in your abilities.  We work on your marksmanship and basic weapon handling skills.  If your new to firearm ownership or a seasoned veteran we will tailor your period of instruction to make sure you walk aways safer with more accuracy, speed,  and  knowledge then you started with.

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